Welcome to MN BEST Robotics

The MN BEST Robotics 2016 season was kicked-off Saturday, September 10th.  Teachers and students can download information on the resources page.

MN BEST is the part of the national BEST Robotics program which aims to Boost Engineering Science and Technology.  MN BEST is the hub for schools in Minnesota and is located in New London, MN.  Every fall it hosts a robotics challenge where high school and middle school teams in Minnesota design, build, and program a robot to try to complete the challenge.  The current challenge can be seen here.

Highlights of the BEST Robotics program:

  • teams participate at no cost - there is no entry fee
  • the electronics kit is lent free of charge to the teams
  • a set of build materials is given to the teams
  • the regulation of materials encourages creative designs
  • program is multi-disciplinary (mechanical, electrical, software, marketing)

To get your school involved in this great opportunity or to get involved as a volunteer please use the contact page.

Upcoming Events for 2016

  • October 13, Team Social/Practice
  • October 28-29, Competition
  • December 1-3, Regional Competition